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On this page, included in the document contained therein, describes the terms and conditions (these Terms and Conditions) where we supply any products (each Product) listed on our website www.vixonline.com.my (hereinafter referred to as " this site ") to you. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before making any reservations for any Product from this site. You should be aware that by reserving any of our Products, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. You need to print these Terms and Conditions as a reference.

1. Introduction
1.1 We are Vixo Marketing, subsidiaries from Prime Lac Supplies No 30 Jalan 4/154d Taman Desa Cheras, 56000 Cheras Kuala Lumpur trading as www.vixonline.com.my and www.primelac.com and its subsidiaries, associates and officers unless otherwise stated.

1.2 These Terms and Conditions control the supply of any of our Products ordered by you on this site. By agreeing to make a booking on the Product, you agree to be bound by law under these Terms and Conditions.

1.3 In these Terms and Conditions:
a) "Account" means the account you need to register for this site if you wish to make a Booking on this website;
b) "Confession" means our acknowledgment of your order by email;
c) "Breach of Liability" has the meaning assigned to it in clause 10.11 (b) of these Terms and Conditions;
d) "Working Day" means a day where it is not (i) Saturday or Sunday, and not (ii) public holidays everywhere in Malaysia;
e) "Booking Confirmation" means our email to you, where we receive your Booking pursuant to clause 4.2 below;
f) "Contract" means the Reservation of Products or Products in accordance with these Terms and Conditions which we accept as clause 4.2
g) "Customer" means the person making the reservation on this website;
i) "Reservation" means the reservation made by you on this website to make a purchase for the Product from us;
j) "You" means the Customer making the Order;
l) The title is for ease of reference only and does not affect the interpretation of these Terms
and Conditions;
m) Words that convey a single word will include plural words and vice versa. The words conveying any gender will include each gender and reference to a person who includes an individual, company, corporation, firm or partnership;
n) The term "inclusive" or such words or expressions may mean without limitation.

1.4 These Terms and Conditions are the copyrights of our intellectual property. Its use by third parties - even if only the extract - for the purpose of commercial purposes for offering goods and / or services - is not allowed. This violation may be subject to legal action.

2. Impress
2.1 These Terms and Conditions are subject to all Reservation and Contracts made or to be made by us for the sale and supply of Products. When you make a Reservation on us, give any shipping instructions or receipt of the delivery of the Product, this may in any case indicate your consent to these Terms and Conditions. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will affect your statutory rights (including the right to insist that the merchandise you buy from the merchant should fit the description given, whether appropriate for its use and satisfactory quality).

2.2 These Terms and Conditions will apply to any of the separate terms submitted by you. Any conditions that you submit, propose or design in any form and at any time, either in writing, by email or designation, will be ignored and excluded.

2.3 No terms or amendments made to these Terms and Conditions will be bound unless agreed in writing signed by us.

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