Privacy Policy / Refund Policy

Returns & Change of Goods
Any return and exchange of goods can be made according to the terms and conditions of our company.

a) Each item must be returned in its original state with the sign still attached.

b) We can not accept unopened returns or with scratches and / or dirty soles.

d) Only returns via courier service are accepted, as we do not receive any private transmission.

e) The shipping cost for the goods courier from the customer is under the liability of the customer and can not be claimed for the shipping cost of the goods being damaged / not working.

f) Reprocessing of spare parts, or reposting to the customer will be made within 5 days from the date of receipt of defective / defective goods. The cost of posting this fiber is under our warranty.

g) Courier shipping charges for our misstatement of misleading items may be filed by e-mail to us, and that amount may only apply for subsequent purchases, which are considered as store credit in the form of a purchase voucher on our website (valid for period 365 days from return day).

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