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Prime Lac Supplies

Established in 2001, Prime Lac Supplies is fully committed to offering the freshest and healthiest HALAL dairy products
and the best value to its customers.

Why Choose Us

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Low Price
Dairy products distributed by Prime Lac are mostly sold at a very competitive price. The manufacturing sector are given further concession rates based on their volume of purchase.
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Premium Quality
The company assures that our product(s) are always in superior quality and if found that the product(s) are not satisfactory, we will refund customers based on our “MONEY BACK GUARANTEE” policy.


Healthy (Low Fat)
Milk is a healthy source of food nutrition. Prime Lac’s Milk Powders especially (L50) / Rite Lac (FCMP) and Skim, contains a low fat level content. This is to ensure a better health pattern for our customers.

Products distributed by Prime Lac Supplies are certified Halal (JAKIM). Products imported from New Zealand and Australia are certified Halal from their respective countries halal division. The products are therefore very suitable for all Muslim customers. 
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